Blaze of Quotations and Logic

Blaze of Quotations and Logic
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The first seal, that all Composite Products are Impermament. The second seal, All that is Contaminated is Suffering. The third seal, Aggregates are Devoid of a Self, is related to the teaching that speaks of everything as lacking inherent or intrinsic existence. The fourth seal, Passing Beyond Suffering is Peace, addresses our capability of liberating ourselves completely from suffering and its causes, because without this we will never attempt to achieve the state of passing beyond suffering, which is peace.
Buddha's teachings have spread far and wide, andhave develooped into diverse schools and sects. Most of the schools and sects engage in the practice of going for refuge in the Buddha, Dharma and Sangha, the gateway of entering the Buddha's teachings. The question is whether or not they adhere to the Buddhist philosophical view based on the Four Seals.