Life and Thangka

Life and Thangka
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Title: Life and Thangka
Sub Title: Searching for truth through sacred arts
Summary: This is a sacred art, a path which can take you to enlightenment." When a Mongolian lama whispered these words to her, she realized she was meant to follow this path.
Detail: Tiffani H. Rezende was born in Brazil in 1981. Her spiritual search took her through aan alternative community, a marine life, an Australian aboriginal reserve, the Russian wilderness and finally to the Mongolia stepes, where she saw Theangka painting for the first time,k She followed the suggestion from her lama to study in Dharamsala in northen India, the seat fo H.H the Dalai Lama in exile,. there shewas accepted as the first western student by the Norbulingka Institute and became a trained Thangka artist. Described with humour and sensibility, a daily life as an apprentie in the art of Thangka painting.