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A manual for teaching English through the medium of Tibetan with details alphabets. ..

The first scholarly dictionary of its kind by the world's leading lexicographer of modern Tibetan. I..

Title: Learn to Speak Tibetan and HindiSub Title: Summary: This book aims to help Hindi and Tibetan ..

Title: Modern Tibetan Language Vol.I Sub Title: Summary: This revised text book based on the autho..

Title: Pattern Drills in IntermediateSub Title: Conversational Tibetan (Audio Instructional Series I..

Title: Textbook of Modern Colloquial TibetanSub Title: A Conversation (Audio Instructional Series I)..

Title: Tibetan English Dictionary of Buddhist Terminology Sub Title: Summary: This is the first su..

Title: Tibetan Quadrisyllabics Phrases & IdiomsSub Title: Summary: It is a compilation of Tibet's ri..

This workbook results from an intensive course in conversational Tibetan at Eugene University, Orego..

Title: The New Light English-Tibetan DictionarySub Title: Summary: This book is one of its kind. It ..

The book is an English Translation of the Traditional tales prevalent in the Amdo region of Tibet. I..

Title: Tibet and Tibetan MuslimsSub Title: Dr. Abu Bakr Amir-uddin NadwiSummary: The book by Dr. Abu..

This book is a guide to Buddhist meditation, composed by the prolific and eclectic Tibetan scholar a..

Title: Paths and Aspirations of the Enlightened OnesSub Title: Summary: Paths and Aspirations of the..

Title: Teachings on Je Tsongkhapa's Three Principal Aspects of the PathSub Title: Summary: Je Tsongk..