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This book is an invaluable work that captures the true essence of Tibetan festive traditions. Festiv..

A five-part book containing miscellaneous Tibetan beliefs and superstitions, dream interpretation, p..

Folk tales occupy an important place in Tibetan literature and often enrich the genre with their fla..

Title: Kache Phalu's Advice on the Art of LivingSub Title: Summary: It was based on the three Persia..

Title: Lhamo: An Opera From the Roof of the WorldSub Title: Summary: This is the first book in Engli..

Title: Songs of the Sixth Dalai LamaSub Title: Summary: Born in renowned Nyingma family and brought ..

This fascinating study focuses on the numismatic aspect of Tibetan paper currency, arguably the worl..

This collection of Tibetan proverbs offers a precious insight into the wisdom, humor and traditions ..

Title: Zlos-Gar (Do-Gar)Sub Title: Summary: Brought out as commemorative issue on the occasion of th..

This condensed biography was composed in praise of Buton Rinchen Drub, one of Tibet's most outstandi..

An in-depth study of the various aspects of Tibetan refugees, beginning with their flight, resettlem..

The savant dGe-‘dun-chos’phel (1902-1951 was the first "modern" scholar of Tibet. He was the first w..

Until recently access to modern Tibetan novels and short stories for non-Tibetan readers has been ra..

Title: Lectures on Tibetan MedicineSub Title: Summary: This is the general introduction to the fasci..

This practical handbook is written in a style which is completely different from the old traditional..