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Title: JorchoSub Title: Summary: A translation of The Six Preparatory Practices adorning the Buddha'..

Title: Mind Training Like the Rays of the Sun Sub Title: Summary: The mind training teachings are ..

Title: The Wheel of Sharp WeaponsSub Title: Summary: Root verses supplemented by commentary, it is o..

 A compendium of oral teachings based primarily on Kyabje Phabongka's "A Personal Gift for Bein..

Title: The Essence of NectarSub Title: Summary: prose rendition of an extensive prayer which supplem..

Within the Tantra tradition, reliance upon and devotion to one's Guru are of paramount importance- w..

Title: The Jewel LadderSub Title: Summary: The Jewel Ladder (Rin-chen them-skas) is a short and comp..

Title: Tibetan Tradition of Mental DevelopmentSub Title: Summary: A comprehensive presentation of th..

Ngulchu Gyalsas Thogmed Zangmo;s The Thirty Seven Practices of a Bodhisattva is one of Tibetan Buddh..

In his discourses His Holiness touched upon all the essential points of the Buddhadharma and provide..

The first book of its kind to be published by the Library of Tibetan Works and Archives, Dialogues o..

Title: Opening the Mind and Generating Good HeartSub Title: Summary: Part One is a translating of le..

Drung, Deu and Bon offers a rare opportunity to explore pro-Buddhist Tibetan culture, presented with..

Title: The Twelve DeedsSub Title: A Brief Story of Tonpa Shenrab, the founder of the Bon ReligionSum..

Ge-sar is the most extraordinary Tibetan legendary figure and remains, despite various unsuccessful ..