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Title: Nagarjuna's Drop of Nourishment for PeopleSub Title: Summary: This work consists of ninety ve..

Title: Nagarjuna's Letter: The Suhrllekha Sub Title: Summary: This famous letter of friendly advic..

This wonderful text by Geshe Lam Rim propounds the Buddhist theory of Karma and past and future live..

 Is one of the most accomplished scholars of the unorthodox Jo-nan sect, strings together from ..

Title: Overview of Buddhist Tantra Sub Title: Summary: The overview of Buddhists Tantra, subtitled..

Title: Paths and Grounds of Guhyasamaja Sub Title: According to Arya Nagarjuna Summary: Paths and ..

Title: The Preliminary PracticesSub Title: Summary: A verbally transmitted teaching elucidating the ..

Title: Self-Initiation of VajrabhairavaSub Title: Summary: The texts presented here are an intermedi..

Title: Sutra of The Wise and The FoolishSub Title: Summary: Translated from the Mongolian, this is o..

Title: Taranatha's Life of Krsnacarya/KanhaSub Title: Summary: This biography of one of the most cha..

Title: Three Texts on MadhyamakaSub Title: Summary: Madhyamaka Philosophy of Shakya Choken (1428-150..

Title: Tsongkapa - Preparing for TantraSub Title: Summary: This important work appears here in full ..

Title: Tsongkapa- The Principle Teachings of BuddhismSub Title: Summary: Tsongkapa was the greatest ..

Title: Vajrayogini Sadhana and CommentarySub Title: Summary: Vajrayogini Sadhana and Commentary, a t..

This explanaiton if Chandrakirti's presentation of the Sevenfold Reasoning is based on the found in ..