Tsewang Gyalpo Arya

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This story tells us about the importance of faith and sincerity in whatever we do. Through the life ..
The book is first of its kind wherein a Japanese could learn Tibetan with help of English and a Tibe..
Title: Wisdom's PillSub Title: A Tibetan Folk TaleSummary: A Tibetan folk tale, which tells us about..
Title: Kaguya Hime Sub Title: (A Japanese Folk Tale) Summary: Kaguya Hime is one of the oldest fol..
Title: The Mouse KingSub Title: (A Tibetan Folk Tale)Summary: A very lively and interesting Tibetan ..
Ribong, meaning rabbit in Tibetan, but best translated as Clever Rabbit, is one of the most popular ..
There are many Tibetan folk tales about Ribong (Rabbit). His adventures and how he out wits stronger..
One of the ancient Japanese folk tales about the importance of living a content and healthy spiritua..