Meditation & Mind Training

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Precious Garland is a book of advice composed by the renowned Buddhist monk-philosopher Arya Nagarju..
Of many mind training (lojong) texts that exists, Geshe Chekawa's Seven Points for Training the..
This comprehensive guide to the Buddhist path is as accessible as it is complete. Traleg Kyabgo..
This explanaiton if Chandrakirti's presentation of the Sevenfold Reasoning is based on the found in ..
The Foundation of Buddhist Meditation by Ven. Kalu Rinpoche outlines the basic meditation practices ..
Title: JorchoSub Title: Summary: A translation of The Six Preparatory Practices adorning the Buddha'..
Title: The Mahämudrä: Eliminating the Darkness of Ignorance Sub Title: Summary: One of the most fa..
Title: Meditation of a Tibetan Tantric AbbotSub Title: Summary: A series of lectures delivered in 19..
Title: Meditations on the Lower TantrasSub Title: Summary: This collection of sadhanas and practice ..
Title: Meditation on VajrabhairavaSub Title: Summary: In response to an increasing interest in the s..
Title: Mind Training Like the Rays of the Sun Sub Title: Summary: The mind training teachings are ..
Title: The Stages of A-Khrid MeditationSub Title: Dzogchen Practice of the Bon TraditionSummary: Thi..
Title: The Wheel of Sharp WeaponsSub Title: Summary: Root verses supplemented by commentary, it is o..
Teaching given by the author at Tibetan Buddhist Centre of Philadelpha from November, 1995 to March,..
Others are not our true source of happiness or sadness. when happiness happens right within you, you..