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Title: Life and Teaching of TsongkhapaSub Title: Summary: This brings together for the first time a ..
Title: The Life of Mahasiddha TilopaSub Title: Summary: Thought of have been composed in the 11th ce..
One must have a good working knowledge of Buddhist terminology in order to comprehend Buddhism clear..
The Ritual Fire Offering, which is derived from Indian tradition, plays an important part in buddhis..
Title: Nagarjuna's Drop of Nourishment for PeopleSub Title: Summary: This work consists of ninety ve..
Title: Nagarjuna's Letter: The Suhrllekha Sub Title: Summary: This famous letter of friendly advic..
 Is one of the most accomplished scholars of the unorthodox Jo-nan sect, strings together from ..
Title: Overview of Buddhist Tantra Sub Title: Summary: The overview of Buddhists Tantra, subtitled..
Title: Paths and Grounds of Guhyasamaja Sub Title: According to Arya Nagarjuna Summary: Paths and ..
Title: Prajnaparamita in Tibetan Buddhism Sub Title: Summary: Analysing the doctrine of Prajnapara..
Title: The Preliminary PracticesSub Title: Summary: A verbally transmitted teaching elucidating the ..
Title: Self-Initiation of VajrabhairavaSub Title: Summary: The texts presented here are an intermedi..
Title: Sutra of The Wise and The FoolishSub Title: Summary: Translated from the Mongolian, this is o..
Title: Taranatha's Life of Krsnacarya/KanhaSub Title: Summary: This biography of one of the most cha..
Title: Three Texts on MadhyamakaSub Title: Summary: Madhyamaka Philosophy of Shakya Choken (1428-150..